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What People Are Saying

"I had a great experience here with my wedding dress. I had it cleaned both before and after my wedding and was very pleased.

I have a Vera Wang dress and both Vera wang and other stores in downtown Boston where I live send their dresses off premises for cleaning (most send to NY). I, in no way, wanted my dress to be shipped, mailed etc for fear of getting lost in transit. I researched and found Holly hand cleans on premises which put my mind well at ease. Both cleanings took approx. 2 1/2 weeks, far sooner than any other place I researched. In addition, their prices are much more reasonable. 

Finally, it goes without saying that the customer service and professionalism made me further content to entrust them with my gown. I opted not to get my dress professionally archived because I may want to put it on each year ;) and the staff was very accommodating and offered to wrap it for me and box it up. I look forward to having it all in place to store and hopefully wear to think fondly of our wedding memories and am thankful that this cleaner helped preserve my memories of this dress and keep my mind at ease. Thank you so much!!"

-Jillian S.
  Boston, MA

"A bit pricey but worth it. They were welcoming and did a great job getting my clothes ready within a few hours- urgent notice. Thanks for your services and welcoming attitude!"

-Rayya K.
 Chestnut Hill, MA

"I honestly don't know what I would do without Holly Cleaners. Throughout the years, I have given up on pieces too stained to ever wear again...or so I thought. Yet, most of the time they can and are saved by Holly. I'm extremely satisfied. 

Their service is excellent also. I'm pretty slow...checking pockets, adding those orange stain stickers to multiple spots on multiple garments. The employees are always friendly, courteous and accepting of the customers. I could go on....if I think they missed some stain, they happily re-do it. And they give you 20% off on your birthday and sometimes when you've been away too long. This is one area of my life where things work perfectly. I have bee a customer for over 20 years."

-Jori G.
 Waban, MA

"My experience at Holly's was great. Everyone was so professional, friendly, and attentive, both at dropoff and pickup. Presentation was beautiful and I was happy to know that it was being done in such an environmentally savvy way as well! Add to this the fact that the location is RIGHT next door to my office, and I am sure I'll be returning for dry cleaning in the future. Thank you!!"

-Brianna K.
 Boston College, MA

"We've been delivery customers for years, I send in items for tailoring, have my husband's shirts laundered and use them for dry cleaning. The delivery is reliable and the drivers are kind and thoughtful about carefully placing our clothes in a safe place when we are not home. The other day, a Theory/Barney's NY blazer returned kind of puckered looking.  I brought it in, the clerk at the desk seemed unsure as to whether the puckers were in line with darts but promised they'd try to repress it flat.  I received it as promised yesterday packed in a special "hollycraft" bag with a kind note, special care checklist and pretty pink twist tie (and no charge, of course).  They often take the time to sew on buttons that are loose.  And they recycle their plastic bags!! Wish my doctor's office ran this well!"

-Retro G.
 Newton, MA